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Reduce Generator Fleet Operating Costs

Designed to be deployed on generators ranging from 10KVA to over 3MWs, SitePro, the advanced generator monitoring and control solution from the experts at Telemisis, allows fleet operators to reduce their operating costs by up to 55%.


To monitor a remote generator (or other machine such as a compressors or chillers) a small, ultra low power, remote telemetry unit is installed inside the generator’s housing. The remote telemetry unit, known as SiteNode, collects data from the generator and its fuel tanks; transmitting it back to a central control room or to mobile workers using laptops, tablets or smartphones for analysis. The generator’s performance data is collected, either through a direct connection to a control panel or via external contacts.

Once installed, fleet operators can take control of the performance of their remote generator assets and operational processes.

Optimise Maintenance Schedules

By monitoring generator performance and tracking key metrics, it is possible to schedule preventative maintenance in line with manufacturer guidelines and identify and remotely diagnose service issues. So that if the worst does happen an engineer with the right skills and parts can be dispatched to the generator.

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    Schedule Preventative Maintenance

    Keep a fleet of generators performing at peak efficiency, by scheduling maintenance in line with manufacturer guidelines.

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    Remotely Diagnose Generator Faults

    If the worst does happen, dispatch an engineer to site with the right skills and parts for the job at hand.

MINIMISE Fuel Consumption, Theft and Fraud

When operating generators or other types of machines at remote sites, fuel is at constant risk of theft and fraud. The advanced generator monitoring solution by Telemisis, with its class leading fuel management module, provides a wealth of information to streamline and protect your fuel management operation.

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    Actual Fuel Level

    Continuously monitor the fuel levels of all fuel tanks, regardless of depth or configuration.

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    Forecast Refuel Date

    Correlated against generator run time, SitePro predicts a forecast refuel date for each generator.

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    Actual Fuel Delivery Reports

    Report on the actual quantity of fuel delivered to the generator.

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    Invoice Reconciliation

    Correlate actual fuel delivered against invoiced volumes; identify possible fraud in the fuel supply chain.

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    Fuel Contamination Detection

    Protect the generator from significant damage and minimise fraud in the supply chain, by detecting if fuel has been contaminated with water (and as a further upgrade option kerosene).

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    Fuel Theft & Leakage detection

    Raise alarms on over consumption based on generator run hours and generator specification and on detected fuel theft events.

More information about the role of SitePro in managing the fuel supply chain can be found on our fuel monitoring microsite –

Insights from Telemisis

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    This case study explores how a regional African Bank used SitePro to identify a minimum annual fuel fraud or theft of $5,600,000.

Case Study: Fuel Fraud or Theft Detection

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    Article: Intelligent Fuel Invoice Management

    In this article, we explore how a Tower Operating Company is reducing fuel bills, by $3,000,000 annually, using SitePro.

Article: Intelligent Fuel Invoice Management

Enhance Generator Security

The security of remote generators can be enhanced through the deployment of Telemisis SitePro, potentially reducing insurance premiums.

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    Continually monitor a generator's location; raising an alarm if it is moved from a set geographic location or area without authorisation and track its whereabouts.

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    Doors & Hatches

    Raise an alarm if unauthorised access to the generator is detected.


From the experts at telemisis

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“Aggreko have used Telemisis remote generator monitoring since 2009 and have had excellent, reliable service from both the system and service provided by the Telemisis team.

Telemisis are always keen to help with information, support and new feature requests helping to keep the system up-to-date with our changing business demands.”

Stephen Doherty (Product Manager)

Generator Monitoring and Control from telemisis

Telemisis SitePro has been used by the world’s largest generator and machine rental company, to manage their global fleet of assets for over 5 years. To discover more about SitePro, the industry leading remote generator monitoring and control solution from the experts at Telemisis, please visit